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Some attractive places in Bouzov end it´s surrounding

The Buzau Castle
A dominant feature of the village Buzau is it´s castle. This castle is one of the most visited sites in the CzechRepublic. The castle took its present form  after an extensive reconstruction in the early 20th century.

The phonenumber: +420/585 346 201, +420/585 346 202
E-mail Adress: bouzov@olomouc.npu.cz

The Buzau muzeum
The Muzeum capturing the village´s history  was opened in 2010 and it is  located in the courtyard of the municipal officeyard.

The Opening Hours:
May June, September - Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 p.m.  to 17.00 p.m
July, August               - every day except Monday from 12.00 p.m. to 17.00 p.m.

The gallery in the lower castle and glassworks factory, the Troy Horse
Probably the tallest wooden horse structure in the world. It´s  more than 15 meters high.
The phone number: +420/585 346 116
E-mail Adress: H.A.Bouzov@seznam.cz

Relaxpark Bouzov
A relaxation park by the castle.
The phone number: +420/608 653 028

The village Javoříčko

In the village of Javoříčko one can visit a monument of World War II.
This monument was dedicated to the victims  the Javoříčko village burnout, that happened on  5 May 1945. This monument became a National Historic Landmark in the CzechRepublic.

The stone castle
The stone castle - is practicaly a stone gate, which is located in a rock formation  in the forest close to the village Javoříčko.

Javoříčko´s caves
The cave system forms a complicated complex of underground cavesholls and domes.
The main part of this complex  was discovered in 1938.
The phonenumber: +420/585 345 451

Arboretum in Bílá Lhota
This park was probably founded in 1700 during the renovation of the small castle.
The telephone number: +420/585 340 075, +420/585 340 081
E-mail Address: arboretum@volny.cz

The Castle Úsov
 The castle is located in a village Úsov which was founded in 1260. The castle houses a  hunting muzeum  with an extensive animal collection.
In the village there are some remains of a Jewish town,  35 houses, a synagogue and a Jewish cemetery.
The telephone number: +420/583 435 111

The Natur reserve ,,Litovelské Pomoraví”
This Locality is situated in the river Morava floodplains  Morava  and the alluvial forests.
The telephone number: +420/585 371 076

The chateau Náměšť na Hané
The chateau Náměšť na Hané with the collection of antigue carriages.
The telephone number: +420/585 952 184

The cheese A.W. muzeum in Loštice
The museum of this unique cheese was opened in 1994. Originally it wa the only factory which produced a special kind of cheese. The cheese was named ,,Olomoucké tvarůžky”.

One part of the exhibits is on loan from Olomouc´s museum, the other part of the exibit is from the Wessel´s family - the owner of the company.
The telephone number: +420/583 401 212
The E-mail Address: awobjednavky@tvaruzky.cz

The cheese pastry shop in Loštice
The cheese pastry shop offers cheese cakes that are originally made and sold there.
The telephone number: +420/732 606 713, +420/583 445 062
The E-mail Address: info@tvaruzkovacukrarna.cz